Clint Veasey

Web Developer

I respond to your emails and finish the job

Experienced developer looking for work

Databases, servers, systems & clients.

Experience with building fully operational web applications.

I can build from the ground up, from modelling your data right through to presentating it all screen sizes.

Is your system old?

I'm not just here to sell you the latest flavour, I can expand and integrate with your existing systems.

Help when you need it.

Sick of playing blame tennis?

Offering patient training, support and on-going technical assistance far beyond the scope of just meeting a spec.

Getting Technical

I work regularly with the following languages and frameworks:

HTML Frontend Basic formatting of web pages
CSS Frontend Styling and repsonsive styling
Less Frontend A pre-processer for CSS to enable faster development and more intricate styling
JavaScript Frontend Enable realtime displays, widgets and app-like functionality from a webpage
JQuery Frontend Popular library that enables me to develop more complicated frontend mechanism
PHP Backend Server side scripting language that allows your website to talk to services running on your server
MySQL Backend An opensource relational database.
Wordpress Content Management System A popular CMS used to host blogs and small online stores
Laravel MVC Framework A popular framework that a lot of websites are built on

Are You Experienced?

I am a self taught developer. My first job was in the military, I then retraded through self-study and have since worked with a variety of companies as a web developer.

2018 ecommerce platform
2016 News & Entertainment website
2015 digital agency
2014 online property auction
2009 Royal Air Force technician

My full curriculum vitae is available here:


Personal Web Projects

I wrote for and maintained a blog about Salsa Dancing in Newcastle.

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