Clint Veasey

About Me

Earning my keep as a musician, an erector of tents and now a web developer.

I begain coding seriously at the age of 14 where I taught myself HTML from the book Using HTML by Neil Randall. I proceeded to learn ActionScript and had a brief freelance career making interactive .swf files such as games and intros. Unfortunatly these where lost in a tragic fat-finger moment when I was ironically trying to backup up my work to save losing it all.

After finishing school I studied ICT Support and Networking at college before abandoning Formal Education to join the military. After 5 years of checking batteries and inventories in various deserts I put in my early termination paperwork to pursue a career as some sort of "coder". I had spent many an hour in my bunk or smoking area building small blogging and image sharing systems in PHP as a worked my way through PHP in a Nutshell.

Some other projects, past and present, I have shared below.

Music Projects

I have a dedicated page that collates lots of my music here:


I am working on my own solution for sharing music. Free for all, forever:

Newcastle Salsa Club

Salsa dancing is how I met my wife. I used to write and maintain a blog about Salsa events in Newcastle. The achive is available at: